Saturday, 21 August 2010

Your Love has shown me

I’ve been listening to “Love Notes”
And I realize they know what they are singing about
Because love is definitely a wonderful thing
This I know beyond a doubt
As your love has shown this to me.

I know they are singing from experience
But there’s still one thing bothering me,
And that’s that they thing of love as a “physical thing”
While I don’t think that’s really necessary,
As we seem to be getting along just fine
Without having to hop into bed
Because I know you are totally mine
Without this “proof of love”
And even though we come close,
I’m kind of glad we didn’t,
Even though I could have done with a dose
Of having your body joining with mine,
I know it would have been wrong
And this is my way of showing you.
My real reason for writing this song –
To tell you I really do need you
But, that I’d rather wait,
Until we are truly wed
But of late
I’ve been wondering again
And in the process nearly going insane
But I know we have been right
(Even though I’d still like to sleep with you at night)
As your love has show me the way,
And that’s the best, no matter what others have to say!