Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My Philosoply on Life

What is the meaning of life?
If you know please tell me:-
Some say its finding a compatible wife
Others: knowing how to help those in strife.

To me it means; - (1) being able to love
And having some special to receive it;
(2) Being able to worship the one above;
And (3) being remembered by those you love.

I’ve seen people trying the first and last
But never caring much for the second
As they want to live in the lane marked fast
And in so doing never really achieve happiness that can last

My next question would then naturally be
What are we doing to find meaning in life?
Why I ask is quite simple see,
Cause everyone only cares for “I; Myself and Me”
So how do I achieve it you ask.
I’m not sure but I’m trying real hard
And I must admit it’s quite a hard task
But I’ll keep with it till I’m put in a cask.

So why don’t we all try
To achieve these three ideals
Cause then there’ll be much less reason to cry
And none of us with the Devil will have to fry!!

God knows what your problem is
So carry your burdens and problems to his feet,
Ask for His guidance in all matters
And I’m sure success and happiness you’ll meet.