Saturday, 21 August 2010

Song on my Radio

Today a song played on my Radio
And as it began to play, I lost myself in loving
As the words seemed to touch my soul
Because my heart they seemed to tease,
And the suddenly I realized
To me, You Are The Greatest Love of All!

I know my song will never be as good as Whitney’s
But I’m sure my message you’ll understand
And maybe one day, when I begin my own band
You’ll hear my song on your radio!

My ears are once more tuned
To the song playing so sweet
And, then, I know that if I lose you
My heart will cease to beat,
So move closer now
And together we’ll produce a band new beat!
And now as it plays to an end
My heart seems to turn to lead
As I’m forced to think
About all those really mean things I said
And so with this melody I write
I really mean to say “I’m sorry!”
And that, I still love you!

Repeat Chorus

No matter what I seem to do
I’m continually reminded of you
Which definitely proves, I only love you!