Monday, 23 August 2010

The Leftist Capitalist

Start early life – short go through
Extreme hardship and good luck.
But still walk off the edge
Do something wrong

Get another chance – begin at the
Beginning – a place I knew
Still live large – larger than you
Can dream in a year – night after night

Have it bad – yet have it all
The most beautiful Girl in the world
I had not yet met
‘Material Girl’ was the way I judged

Didn’t go away – yet did study
Was against politics – what a fool
Became the best politician
Learning the dangers of the Gravy train
A goddess was given to me
To name as in the time of Adam
Thought I was god – Really messed up
That’s when I lost sight of reality

Cancer – was very lucky in the beginning
Understood that I had never been taught
Tried new things – became the boss
Resigned because of principles not Fortune

Ran away – luckily I had friends
People who at least made an effort
Got there made a home, without her
Missed them to much

Came back master of destiny
A phoenix arisen – to fly – Kalahari
Down to earth – working at night
Paper millionaires who cannot file

Was all I learnt a waste


I grew up knowing nothing feeling hurt
Made to learn to appreciate
Thank you teachers one and all
From the first who loved me – till the last

Now I understand the burden
The one of the leftist capitalist

Get paid for what you do well
Neither under or over – charge
Earn fairly, pay slightly better
Enjoy the fruits of your labour
Yet bury the seeds.

By being happy that you are moneyed
You give back equally
Try to teach another, to be us lucky as You!