Saturday, 21 August 2010

Heart – thief

This verse may not rhyme
But maybe in time
You’ll understand what I’m trying to say
Because the truth is I don’t want Janey, Felicity
or Dianne
As I want you, the one who makes me feel
like such a man.
But you still believe what others say about me,
even though most of it is lies,
and if you really don’t believe me, watch me
close and look in my eyes
while I tell you,
You’re the one whose stolen my heart!

Heart-thief, why did I meet you now, after I promised myself that for love I’d wait,
But now I’ve suddenly up and realized
I’m far too late,
As you’ve already stolen my heart!

I’ve known many girls, some named, Yvonne, Janice and Elaine
But they think I’m going quite insane,
Because I left them all for you.
I’ve written you a couple of letters, and
meant everything from within my heart
But now its seems you are willing with me
to part
But, no matter with how many girls I’ll go out
with my years
I’ll always prefer (and wish) it was you so
I could draw you near,
Because you’re the one whose stolen my heart!