Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Love Triangle

Love is never very straight – forward,
As once again my love for you proves this to me.
I realize now that I should have worked out something see
And then we could have worked out something see
And not to be stuck in this damn Love Triangle.

You have your boyfriend, I have my girl
Why then, do I think we will fit better?
But, I suppose in your way you’re right
When you say you don’t want to hurt her;
But that still leaves me in a Love Triangle

Love Triangle
You’re busy running my life: -
A girl I have, but I want another for my wife.
So perhaps with a little help from above
I’ll be able to get the one I really love
And break up this Hosted Love Triangle

We talked quite a lot, or at least I did
And maybe you right, I should have lied
And not told you about her, but I can’t
Cause if you’d found out I’d have died
And I would still have been stuck in a Love Trianle

Now I cannot sleep with my thoughts
As they keep returning to think of you girl
And I realize I don’t know what to say
As without you, ill always be in a silly whirl
And in my heart I’d still stuck in a Love Triangle