Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Unopened Love bud

I spoke to you once more today
And I realize the following words I should not say
But I feel in love with you once
And that feeling is still with me today;
Even though you think we should just stay friends

How many times haven’t I wondered,
Wondered: - if things weren’t the same:
Would you and I have been a pair,
And maybe even shared a surname,
And been “happy forever after”?

I know its no use thinking that way
As things are the way they are
But this won’t stop me saying what I have to say
As I’m continually wishing on a falling star
That one-day I will know for sure.

I often make jokes with you
About the two of us becoming a pair
And you probably never took any notice
So I write these words to show I really care,
Care about you: More than what a friend should.

So please remember these few words
These words that comes out of my heart:
I really like you a lot see;
As to me you’re a beautiful piece of priceless art
And my feeling for you increase your value for me.