Wednesday, 25 August 2010


The words of songs run through my head
Scenes, flashes from the past
Remembering me of what I’ve lost
What I’ll never regain;
Lost forever.

I’m always this way when I’m lonely
Thinking back – about the two of us
What we used to dream of
What we will never achieve;
Not together.

True love was supposed to be forever
Yet it seems to be a force
As it only remains in me
You have already forgotten;
Our paradise.

Now I weep when I’m alone at night
Thinking on the past we used to share
Wishing I could have it back
Treasuring thoughts from the past,
Loving memories.

Maybe my secret dream will one-day be true
And you and I will be one
Sharing, regretting time lost
Going forth in life;
As one.