Saturday, 21 August 2010

Proving our love

Last night we watched video’s till late
And soon as the others were gone
Neither of us could really wait
To jump into each others arms
Which proves to me really do love each other.

Its real pity about what your family said –
They seem to have a funny idea in their heads
Which makes them think I’ve had you laid
But I realize we’ve got it made
Because even with this charge against me
We’ve stayed together see
To prove we really do love each other.

I’ve been close to other girls at times
And I’ve never been tempted away
Because it all seemed like mimes
When I’m not with you
Which proves to me I really do love you
Once, not so long ago
I tried to break away from you
But my heart said no, don’t go
Stay with this girl force you die
Which proves to me I really do love you.

Repeat chorus

Now you’ve taken me back
And I’m really glad
Because with me you’ve got a knack
To keep me forever happy
Which proves to me, you really do love me.