Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wanting you Again (My love for you still lives)

I feel so sad these days
When I sit and think of what we had
And I wish things I could change
So they wouldn’t turn out so bad!
But this is a useless hope
As you found someone new
And without you I’ll just have to cope!

I’m trying real hard to forget you;
To think just about what lies ahead
But all I do is revert to memories
When I lay myself down on my bed.
“Memories of wonderful times we spent
When everything was happy
And every loving word we meant”.

You once wrote down the words of a song,
And I like to think you meant what you said
When you wrote “I just can’t stop loving you!”
‘Cause these are words that stuck in my head
As these words for me are true!
Now it seems you’ve forgotten me
And that kind of makes me feel blue.

So many things have happened in between
That I wonder what is still to come –
Whether things will work out for us
Or whether our feelings for each other
Will just go numb.
I’m hoping it won’t end that way:
So if you find someone else to love
Please forgive me for these things I say.

I’m wondering whether I should give you these verses
Or just keep them for me alone to see –
But that wouldn’t be right
As it would just remind me of the hurt inside of me!
I don’t know what I write
But I have to do something
As I just can’t sleep tonight.

Please don’t think I’m forcing you to do
As I’m willing to be a patient guy
So take your time deciding whether you want me back
Or if you’d rather to me say good-buy.
I hope your choice is not the latter
‘Cause if you choose the first
I’ll definitely start to feel better!

So no matter what you decide
Just remember this Collette:
I’ll always be ready and waiting for you
And that’s something on which you can bet!
Now as I end this poem
I’d like to end this with a special wish:
“I hope that one – day we can set up home!”