Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Can I be sure?

A friend of yours has been whispering a lot in your ear lately and I’m getting worried;
She seems to be carrying messages from other guys with whom I don’t what you did
So tell me, can I be sure of your love?

Sometimes I wonder how its possible that a beauty like you can like a guy like me
and all I seem to get for an answer is – that you like my personality;
but how do I know that will always keep you true?

I’ve always tried to pretend that I’m not the jealous type who watches you with other guys
But lately I just can’t control myself and keep watching you to see if you tell any lies
‘Cause I’m quite in love with you, that’s for sure!

I was kinda wondering real heard about how much you care for me when I wrote this song
And that’s why I ask you these questions so I can look in your eyes and see I’m wrong
‘Cause now I’m real sure of your love for me!!