Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My Birthday girl - (Collette Campher 17 June 1987)

I’ve finished writing you a poem
So I thought maybe I’ll write a song;
To you how much I care
And how our love just can’t be wrong;
So here’s looking at you, Birthday girl.

You’re entering the magic years of youth now
The time you should be free
So if at any time you want your freedom
Just come and tell me
Because I’ll do anything for my Birthday girl.

As you get older, you get more beautiful
And that can’t be proven as a lie
Cause I’ve seen the guys looking at you
All wishing I’d just peg off and die
So they can get a chance with my Birthday girl

This song is up to s(peep)t
It seems I just can’t think straight,
I keep getting side-tracked by memories of you
And the nights when we stayed up till late –
So here’s to memories of you Birthday girl.

I hope you like these couple of lines
And that you’ll realize I mean every word
And not laugh your head off
Because you think them real absurd
So think once more of me My Birthday Girl