Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Birthday Poem (17 June 1987 – Collette turns 18)

Well I’ve decided to write you a birthday poem
Something to make you think a little of me right now
And of the day we plan to set up a home
But don’t ask, as right now I don’t know how

This poem has started to sound real silly to me
And I thought about starting another one
But, I’ve got to have something special for you,
So I’ll just have to go on till it’s done.

Maybe I should write about the way I feel;
Or, about how I really want you again;
Or, about how your heart I want to steal;
Well, I better decide quick otherwise
I’ll probably go insane.

I know this poem isn’t much of a present
But until I’m qualified that’s all I can afford
But you got to realize every word is meant
So please, when you read this, don’t get bored!

Why the heck can’t I be rich, rolling in money?
So I can buy everything your heart desires
Whether it be clothes, pots containing real honey,
Or even a hot set of tires.

But my lot I suppose I must accept
And the most I can do is to give you respect
And a promise that one – day soon
I’ll even be able to give you the moon!

Happy Birthday! Gesëende dae vorentoe is my wens vir jou!