Saturday, 21 August 2010

Prisoner of Love

I tried pretending about how I felt towards
you girl
But I realize now I can’t keep on lying
to myself
As I’ve got to swallow this pill
Which says to me
I’m still in your power.

For a long time now I’ve been trying out this verse
Wondering how I can say I love you
And that I always will, even “for better or worse”
As I’m kind a glad I’m still in your power.

The other day I even tried out someone new
But this came to nothing as I soon knew
That I’d rather have this bout with you
As I’m fully aware
I’m still in your power.

My songs just seem to be getting worse and worse
Because I realize I don’t need them as I’ve got you
And without you I’d probably end up in a hearse
Because I know
I’m still in your power

Repeat chorus

What’s this power you hold over me
I’m kind of hoping its love
Because my hearts real precious see
And now I’m thanking the one above
That I’m still in your power

Repeat “In your power is where I want to stay”
(softly fading away)