Saturday, 21 August 2010

Doing it for you, Collette

My life has been turned upside down
As I never realized how much you love me
And now I know; I’m wearing a crown
And even though it’s made of thorns
I’ll still do it for you

At school, life is turning out funny
As they putting pressure on me
Thinking I was out just to get money
But even if I had the same choice again
I’ll still choose you forever.

I’d love to start our friendship again
And this time I’m willing to listen
And even try acting a little sane
So I can keep you,
Cause all this I’ll do for you
As I know I love you Collette
And that’s something on which you can bet!

Now once more I’m getting lots of flak
Cause people think we don’t fit
And how you stuck me in my back
And our relationship has come to an end
But with you, I’m willing to try again

People often say I’m a Casanova
Just because I’ve know a lot of girls
But they’re all blown over
As I know what I want
And I know what I want
And you the one I’m trying to keep.