Saturday, 21 August 2010

Lady of my Dreams

What is love but a tender feeling
A feeling I wish you felt for me.
I know I have that feeling
And, it’s a feeling for you;
The lady of my Dreams

At night I go out and romance
With women I don’t even know
And dream its you with who I dance
The Lady of my Dreams.

Now even my waking moments are bound in dreams
While where I want to be, is simply near you.
This feeling of love makes me want to scream
All because I know I cannot have you;
The Lady of my dreams.

Repeat chorus.

I’d really like to know your name
(I’m not kidding with this request,
even though you think it’s a game)
But to me you’ve become an obsession,
The lady of my Dreams.

Repeat “Dreaming of you, the Lady of my Dreams”
(softly fading away)