Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Your beauty never ceases to amaze me
And I know now I never deserved your love
But I’m thankful for what we had
And everyday I thank the one above
For loving memories we share!

Oh these wonderful memories we share
Of so many fun times we had
Times when we were totally bare
Even though we weren’t really “Bad”
Oh memories can’t you stop eating at me
And just please, please leave me be!

Do you member the times…
We promised each other we’d get wed?
That we fell asleep in each other arms?
And meant every word we said
When we said “I love you!”?

How many times didn’t I promise you the world?
Promise to forget your (and my) past?
Promise to love you forever and ever?
At least I’ve kept the last
And I promise I always will!

Repeat chorus

Are these memories a blessing or a curse?
I don’t know! But they are things I’ll
Always in my heart nurse!