Sunday, 5 June 2011

Swearing at the Namibia Music Awards 2011

The profane language by a certain artist, formerly known as Lady May (she is no lady), has sparked a lot of debate on the various Internet forums such as Twitter and Facebook. I am sure it is also a topic in many people's houses during this weeekend, and will be amply covered by our newspapers during the week. 

My first reaction when she made the comment (I do watch NBC), was to laugh. The artist obviously did not have any idea what the meaning of the words were, or the insult she was trying to convey. After all, did she really mean, to refer to the audience as people who participates in sexual intercourse with their mother?  

Then I did a double take. How do I explain to a child in the audience (at home) what she meant by this? Must I tell the child the truth that this artist believes we are engaged in sexual acts, or should I just answer, "she's swearing, and does not mean it"?

Thats when I got angry. Why should I be forced to make excuses for someone else? This artists is dependent on us as consumers to buy her music. Thus her behaviour is unacceptable. 

As a consumer, I believe its my money and I will use it where I am treated as king. So no Lady May, no business that swears at me will get my money.