Sunday, 5 June 2011

Creating a common memory for Namibians

It is quite common to hear politicians admonoshing the white communities for not participating in natinal events. I am not a history buff, but have recently been talking about my student politics days and placed a few pohotos from this period.

It got me thinking about the participation of young people (white, coloured or black) and the following struck me in an article, "..But maybe memory is what young people need to be taught before they can be taught actual history."

So, I have started a small project to ensure that our common memory becomes available to our youth through the Wikipedia website. This site covers almost all areas of knowledge, but I found very little written about Namibia. While doing this I found that there were no templates on the languages or cultural identities of many of our peopls.  I have started the and hope to assist in developing similar sites about our common memories.

At the end of the project,I hope to create an SMS novella about certain historical events and peoplein Namibia.

If you have the timeand the inclination, feel free to assist.