Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Nampower management should be fired

Namibian Economist - FRIDAY, 09 APRIL 2010 11:03

Written by Nyasha Nyaungwa

The Namibia Protection Group (NPG) has called for the sacking of the managing director of Nampower, Paulinus Shilamba and his management. The call follows an announcement by the power utility last week that it will be seeking a 35% tariff increment from the Electricity Control Board of Namibia (ECB).

In an interview, founder of the NPG, Milton Louw said the proposed 35% electricity increase was reason enough for Shilamba to be fired.
“Surely we can expect better management that realises the importance of electricity in the daily lives of our people. This kind of increase will lead to a decrease in economic activity, and job losses. This is reason enough to ask for his (Shilamba’s) replacement.

“The MD and his management must be tackled directly. They are responsible for the long-term planning and if this has gone wrong they must take the blame. Pity this will probably not happen,” Louw added.

Instead of increasing, electricity tariffs, Louw implored the government to urgently finalise the Kudu Gas Project.
“We must get the Kudu Gas Project going now. This project never seems to get off the ground. Second, let’s build a nuclear power station (explained fully in my book) that is a compromise on our supplying uranium,” Louw said.

Contacted for comment, officials at the ECB refused to comment on the matter. An official from the PR department who refused to identify himself could only say that the issue of whether a 35% increase will be granted or not will be based on the outcome of the consultation process that is scheduled to end this Friday, 9 April.

“If the majority of the stakeholders are against the proposed tariff increase, a compromise will have to be reached as we basically have two groups to protect, namely: Nampower and the consumers,” the official said.