Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Crucifixion vs. Resurrection

Last night I had dream:

Since the crucifixion of Jesus there has been a family of one of his disciples that managed to take down his cross and keep it hidden. This family stayed in the Middle East and found things becoming very difficult during the time of the Ottoman Empire as they had become Christians. The Patriarch decided to entrust their mission of looking after the cross to one of his most trusted friends to happened to be of the Muslim faith.

The Muslim family has been keeping the secret of the safekeeping of the cross of Jesus since this time. Recently, the descendants of the original family wished to have the cross returned to them. The two families have always been close and a meeting was held to discuss the matter.

The head of the Muslim family was however not agreeable with the suggestion and kept putting up obstacles to the return.

The Christian Patriarch discovered that since the time of the handover to the Muslim family, many unexplainable things had happened to the family and their success, riches and fame had increased tremendously. Obviously, the task of looking after the cross had benefited this family and they would be reluctant to part with it.

This difficulty caused problems with the relationship between the families and they became every distant and mistrusting of one another.

After much thought, he realised the truth of the matter.

They were spending much time talking about the object representing the crucifixion, rather than recognising it is the resurrection that is important.

My understanding of the dream: We spend too much time telling others about our suffering, rather than rejoicing on how we overcame it.