Thursday, 14 January 2010

I know, I know Not

There are four kinds of knowing.
•       Knowing you know,
•       knowing you know not,
•       not knowing you know and
•       not knowing you know not

Let's look at each one and what it means:
Knowing you know - this is what we consider our education and training

Knowing you know not - this is what we want to learn

Not knowing you know - this refers to information you have gained, but are not aware of using in your life - often recognised as trivia

Not knowing you know not - this is the area you need to find out more about!

Around twenty years ago, I realised that due to the place and time I grew up in, I had been kept in the dark about many things (censorship). This was especaily clear when it came to religion or as it is also known, metphysics.
Below a list of things I did not know I did not know when I was twenty. Maybe you might find it useful?
•       Ramtha
•       Reiki
•       Dianetics – Scientology
•       Aristotle
•       7 habits of successful people
•       The art of loving a woman
•       The art of keeping a good woman

Perhaps, you know something I don't know I don't know?