Monday, 16 November 2009

Induction Training for Parliamentarians

As part fo the run-up to our national elections, we have to consider the induction training that parliamentarians should be getting.

As a nation we must understand and respect the institutions which propose debate and make our laws. Too many times I have heard people say “these politicians – they are only in it for what they can get”. The Parliament has as its duty the education of the citizens in how we can make use of them to improve our daily lives. Essentially, I would like to see private citizens being able to propose laws to their representatives and have these submitted in Parliament. Unfortunately most of us accept that our laws are submitted by bureaucrats (government employees) working under the orders of the Minster involved. Thus in fact not separating the executive from the legislature, but rather having the parliament become a rubber stamp for decisions made by the ruling party and its ministers.

We also have to recognise that being a Member of Parliament is a way for an individual to contribute his or her experience for the improvement of our country, rather than a career path. In recent times we have seen young people become members of parliament only to be caught up in acts which bring disrepute to the institution. This can only be corrected if members of parliament have reached a certain amount of material independence to allow them to vote for what they think is right, and not what will ensure their present income.

I propose the Parliament Administration create a school for potential parliamentarians. This can be done during the recess periods and will allow interested persons to gain first-hand experience on what would be expected from them if they enter the Parliament.