Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Needs of the People

The Consumer News Namibia Magazine prides itself on providing information to the people of Namibia as a free (and freely available) monthly magazine. In our magazine we highlight many issues of interest that affect the daily lives of our readers.  In short, we talk about the needs of the people in the “Land of the Brave”. In the following piece, we explore what are these needs and the rights that go with us being able to fulfil these needs.

The Need for Subsistence
Need:                 Subsistence
Qualities:           physical and mental health
Description:       Every person has the right to basic goods and services which guarantee survival. This includes access to food, water, electricity, telephone, Internet and affordable housing. The state has to ensure the relative stable state of balance between all the different citizens (and their needs) in our population

The Need for Protection
Need:                 Protection
Qualities:           Care, adaptability, autonomy
Description:       Every person has the right to access social security, adequate health facilities and regulation of a safe working environment. This includes personal security, financial security, health and well-being and safety net against accidents/illness and their adverse impacts, as well as the provision of employment opportunities

The Need for Affection
Need:                 Affection (meegevoel)
Qualities:           respect, sense of humour, generosity, sensuality   
Description:       Every person has rights - and the responsibilities that go with these rights. This includes the ability to share with others, take care of the less fortunate in society choose who we are intimate with and ensure our privacy is respected. Our interaction with our natural environment is included in this section

The Need for Understanding
Need:                 Understanding
Qualities:           critical capacity, curiosity, intuition
Description:       The right to education (from the cradle to the grave) allows every citizen to access the information needed to improve their personal lives. This not only refers to primary, secondary or tertiary education, but also financial literacy and other Economic, Social and Cultural (ESC) rights and issues affecting our daily lives. It also includes the access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the ability to use these new technologies.

The Need for Participation
Need:                 Participation
Qualities:           receptiveness, dedication, sense of humour
Description:       The right to participate and voluntary association in non-discriminatory organisations. These refer mostly to civil society and freedom of religion. It also makes reference to voters’ education and political and cultural tolerance. While ensuring freedom of speech and association, it insists upon responsibility and duty of the individual citizen to respect the rights of others

The Need for Leisure
Need:                 leisure
Qualities:           imagination, tranquillity, spontaneity
Description:       The right to relaxation, having fun in places which are intimate or places to be alone. This also refers to encouraging day-dreams or “future dreaming”.

The Need for Creation
Need:                 creation
Qualities:           boldness, inventiveness, curiosity
Description:       Each person has the need to be creative and be provided with the abilities, skills, work or techniques needed to invent, build, deign, compose or interpret the world around us

The Need for Identity
Need:                 identity
Qualities:           sense of belonging, self-esteem, consistency
Description:       A person finds their identity through their language, religion, work, customs, values and norms. Every person must have the right to interpret their own view of these and be allowed to practise their identity without harming others.

The Need for Freedom
Need:                 freedom
Qualities:           autonomy, passion, self-esteem, open-mindedness
Description:       The need for freedom allows equality of rights while ensuring differences of opinion allow us to further develop our personal awareness.
As human beings we have certain needs. In the struggle for freedom we have won certain political and civil rights. These are not yet sufficient to give us the dignity we deserve as sons and daughters of the soil. This is the economic fight we often still hear about. This battle can only be won if each person as an individual not only insists upon their rights, but also recognizes their responsibility to give back their community.

“We have fought for our rights. We now affirm our responsibilities. We acknowledge each of us has a duty to ourselves and our neighbours.”

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