Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Namibian Bloggers - May 2012

A list of Namibian bloggers which I hope to expand with your help.

Change your life - http://v-changeyourlife.blogspot.com/
Creating Wealth - http://theodorestanley1.blogspot.com/
Daves Boring Blog - http://davesboringblog.wordpress.com/
Dune Sieben (German) - http://dunesieben.wordpress.com/
End forced Sterilisation - http://endforcedsterilisation.wordpress.com/
Frantic Naturalist - http://frantic-naturalist.blogspot.com/
Girl Uncovered - http://enigma.iblog.co.za/
I present Roxanne - http://www.myspace.com/marvinsanzila/blog
Lottering News  - http://lotteringnews.blogspot.com/
Making a better Namibia - http://milton-louw.blogspot.com
Namibian DJ|s - http://www.namdjs.com/
Namibia Facts - http://www.namibia-facts.de/blog/
Namibia Welcome - http://groups.google.com/group/namibia-welcome?pli=1
One Stoned Crow - http://onestonedcrow.blogspot.com/
The Joys Of My Splintered Life In SMALLTOWN - http://splinteredlife.blogspot.com/
Vakwetu Style - http://www.vakwetu.blogspot.com/
Vieranas Safaris - http://namibiahuntsafaris.blogspot.com/
the new Der/die/das Namibia/er auf Deutsch - http://www.i-namibia.de/
Sinisterstuf - http://blog.sinisterstuf.org/

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