Thursday, 9 December 2010

SMS Services that hurt

DO NOT USE THIS. They are a Namibian company that will charge you N$ 8.00 per week though there is no service you receive.

They have this in their fine print and not on their front page.

Hidden in their Terms of Service:
To participate, you must sign-up at .Part of the mobile services provided by us will include reverse billed premium rate text SMS services.
When you participate, you agree to be bound to the following:

We charge a weekly subscription of N$ 8.00 (excluding VAT). Because it is a weekly subscription, subscription is not automatic, therefore, if you wish to continue to use this services, you must subscribe again.
You receive on the first day a free grab-feed activation;
We charge a daily fee of N$0.99 grab-feed activation;
All transactions and/or payment are final and errors are billed.