Monday, 24 May 2010

Lodewyk van Graan responds to Open Letter

Dear Milton

Thank you kindly for your response. Congratulations on your new found success, and what seems to be a positive future. You still however need to settle the past.

You are once again misrepresenting the facts for your own benefit. I’ll leave it at that and not go into the specifics. Should anyone at any time require us to provide proof of anything you did we shall be happy to do so.

I have no clout with legal shield and believe them quite capable of making decisions about who they emply on their own. Their decision might have been influenced by other factors such as the 2 court judgements against you for, shall we say questionable business practices.

Our organisation and the IPPR still want these resolved but even after numerous attempts from us and the IPPR to discuss this with you, you have always managed to avoid us and the messenger of the court finding you.

I am very surprised to hear from you and very happy. Please be so kind as to provide me with your physical address and more detail of the fixed assets you refer to so that we can settle the legal wrangling that you have with both the IPPR and our organisation.


Lodewyk van Graan

(Note: Mr. Lodewyk van Graan is the chairperson of the ICT Alliance of Namibia. He also is the owner of the Institute of Information Technology (IIT). The Alliance is the organisation that has not paid the salary, while IIT is the company that advanced monies against the salary that was due. After Mr. van Graan indicated to me that I cannot work for both organisations, I decided to work for the ICT Alliance and improved the ICT environment. Unfortunately, Mr. van Graan as Chairperson of the Alliance as well as the owner of the company making money from my tutoring, made this impossible.) __________________________________________________________

My reply:
Thank you Lodewyk.

I am a person who believes in really letting it all out. I am glad you wish to do so too.

Funny, the Messenger of the Court is using my data and they know my exact details - even have a nulla bona signed because of the behaviour of creditors who use legalese to get debt written up. I am even advocating a law to provide debt counselling to poor Namibians.

Be that as they may I look forward to making this a discussion about my past. Do yourself a favour though, read my book. Everything you are alluding to is stated in it - including my debts and how they were occurred.

Perhaps also read my blog in this regard: - - I will also now add the IIT problems with cheques signed by board members in your presence and the none payment of my salary - and of course the money that you got from the Ministry of ICT to go to Brazil that has still not been explained. Feel free to rebuff and use the hearing report that states ICT Alliance was acting illegally by not paying me - and this did not give me the right to act unethically.

I once again thank you for publicising more of the information. These things need to get out there.

Kind regards and look forward to your next correspondence