Friday, 5 February 2010

The lady on the farm

I cannot believe you have left,
On the way to the airport,
Not knowing what you have done,
Or understanding what I caught.

We both were stuck with heartache,
Shared it with each other for while,
Feeling much better now knowing,
Others need not understand our style.

Most of the other family and guests around us,
Probably thought it was only a holiday fling,
But we both know better about our hearts,
And the joy to our insides it did bring.

I am sorry that I had to act nonchalant,
And pretend there was nothing between us,
Because your family need only have looked at me,
And in my eyes have seen the lust.

Now you left back for your home,
Thank god that we have facebook,
Now every day we can chat and laugh,
And get ready for the next holiday u book.