Sunday, 22 March 2009

Independence 2009 - reasons for registers

Hi, Milton here. Still at the farm, fortunate to have one of my daughters, Ziana, visit for the weekend.

Thought for the week:
“If you're respectful by habit,
constantly honoring the worthy,
four things increase:
long life, beauty,
happiness, strength.”-Buddha Quote

Enjoy Namibia's Independence Day!

Kind regards
Someone asked, why a website with directories of people and business?

The idea of creating an economic country database started in 1994 while working with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation in Paris, France. Since then I have collected over 11,000 businesses details and 250,000 people. Once the data is collected and cleaned, there are many areas for possible commercial use. However, it has till thus far only been used for research purposes when conducting surveys of the Small and Medium Enterprises for example.

The main aim is still to create a Central Register for Namibia that will include amongst others:
* Register of Residents;
* Register of Business;
* Register of Professions;
* Register of Property Ownership;
* Register of Licences for Natural Resources and Utilisation;
* Register of Trademarks, Patents and Copyright;
* Register of External Trade; and
* Register of other legal entities.

During the past ten years, I have managed to create registers for persons, business and external trade. This has assisted greatly in providing income opportunities for me in various areas in Research.

I would however like to make this information available to more people to see what opportunities might arise.

Lastly, I am preparing a database with much deeper individual information (not yet sure about privacy issues) to allow me to look at a credit assistance scheme that looks at "reputational collateral" rather than history of financial mistakes.

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