Sunday, 15 March 2009

Independence 2007

*First Posted: 20 March 2007*

Hi, Milton Louw here from Windhoek. Just about to leave the office to go celebrate our Namibian Independence tomorrow. Thinking back reminds me how our was the lucky person to raise the flag over Windhoek that first morning from where the Polytechnic is today.

As the Chairperson of the tertiary Student's Representative Council (Academy) in 1989/1990 I have to also consider what the inheritance is of the students born those years and now "enjoying the fruits of our freedom".

I can categorically state that me and most of my generation have benefited greatly BUT................ I must also admit that the young generation of today have been done in.

During this past week I was fortunate to talk to one of my mentors and idols, Toivo ya Toivo, and was once again humbled when he was most pleased to hear that I am teaching some of the knowledge I have acquired to the young generation of today. (I used to sometimes look down on the "teaching profession" of Namibia- now no more!)

So my challenge to you today dear friends is:

What have you done lately to give back to your community?

Viva Namibia, Viva Responsibility

Milton Louw
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