Friday, 27 December 2019

Namibia and Milton Louw 28 December 2019

Dear people who care about me, the consumers of Namibia,

My humble apologies.

Over the past 20 years it has been my honour of being the custodian of your personal digital information.

I have on a laptop in the possession of the Namibian Police a software program I wrote in 2004 called the "Namibian Consumer Database".

In that database of over 3 million records I have stored the following personal digital information if the people in it.

They are:

  • Voters Register of Namibia 1999 (VRS99)
  • City of Windhoek debtors book 2003
  • Namibian Taxpayers Excel Sheet not dated
  • Voters Register of Namibia 2009
  • Nambiz database 1999, 2004, 2013
  • Box holders of Nampost
Thank you for the honour and the understanding.

We in the world, and very much so here in Namibia, (where I reside with my Captain Adorable), need:
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Protection of Personal Digital Information
I believe in standards.

I thank you.

Milton (whose turning 50 tomorrow 😇)

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