Monday, 28 March 2016

Why we need black empowerment in Namibia

Let us be blunt. White male privilege was how things were. In 1780, less than 3% of the population (all male) were allowed to vote. By 1832, only one in seven white males had the right to vote. This was because the law stipulated you had to owned land worth ore than ten pounds. Woman older than 30 only got the vote in
This same fight for universal suffrage has continued in Namibia (and South Africa) with non-white males and females only getting the vote at Independence.
Now I hear white males complaining that they are now being discriminated against. REALLY?
The fight for equal rights and equal opportunities while the skewed allocation of the past still exists is something we as a nation have to work towards.
Acting the injured party does not help - the fight has been won and you need to join the rest of us working towards equitable sharing of our resources - even if this means government intervention must be used.

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