Sunday, 21 December 2014

Certain Dog brands can make your pet sick

(First Published in New Era Newspaper - 30 July 2014)

Foodcorp (Pty) Ltd is the South African holding company for a group of businesses engaged primarily in the production, marketing and distribution of food. There are seven production units which fall within the Foodcorp (Pty) Ltd group, these are: Grocery, Milling, Baking, Pie, Fishing, Beverage and Speciality division. Foodcorp also supplies retailers in Namibia with brand name products such as Nola condiments, Ouma Rusks and Yum Yum peanut butter.

One of its subsidiaries, Foodcorp Pet Foods has recalled several batches of its dog food, following reports of it making people's pets ill. According to the company's Facebook page, ( the brands affects are Bobtail, Dogmor and Bonzo dry dog foods with a manufacturing date from 4 June 2014 to 23 June 2014.
It must be noted that Pick ‘n Pay’s No Name Brand dry dog food, as well as Shopright's Housebrand and Ritebrand are affected in the recall.
The most common reaction is that your dog will refuse to eat the pellets, but if they do, they may show signs of nausea and even throw up the food. According to Megan Power, a Twitter reporter, the chemical responsible for making the dogs throw up is deoxynivalenol, also known as vomitoxin.

While the company has told pet owners that "Your pets are of utmost importance to us as well, that is why we are dealing with this issue in the most aggressive manner possible," according to Megan Power the company initially wouldn't  disclose the no-name brands affected in the dog food recall, citing contractual agreements.

For more information you can follow Megan Power on Twitter, check out Food Corp's Pet Foods Facebook page, phone the company on 011 411 5555 or email them on

(Information from Times Live, Facebook and Twitter)

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