Monday, 18 March 2013

Consumer Day 2013

Many countries around the world commemorate 15 March as the World Consumer Day. This day has a historic importance as it was on this day 1962, when the Bill for Consumer Rights was moved in the US Congress.

This year, the theme of World Consumer Day is “Consumer Justice Now”. As Namibians we must push for our legislature to put in place a CPA as soon as possible as good consumer protection is not only about legislation, but it can also deliver justice, create a fairer society and even save lives. The United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection (UNGCP) act as an international reference point of the consumer movement and can be understood to be
•                    the right to the satisfaction of basic needs
•                    the right to safety
•                    the right to be informed
•                    the right to choose
•                    the right to be heard
•                    the right to redress
•                    the right to consumer education
•                    the right to a healthy environment.

Namibia Consumer Trust, the only registered non-governmental organization and only Namibian member of Consumers International (CI) commemorates World Consumer Rights Day. Head of Consumers International Africa office, Minister of Trade and Industry as well as the Governor of Bank of Namibia are scheduled speakers.

The event is scheduled to be held at the Habitat Research & Development Centre, Claudius Kandovazu str, Katutura (next to A Shipena Sec. School) in Windhoek.

This year, the Namibia Consumer Protection Group (a lobby group and supporter of consumer activism) is asking people around the country to buy on 15 March 2013 a litre milk everywhere in Namibia, and then please post on website the price they paid and the store where they bought it. Perhaps we can we create awareness why we need a Consumer Protection Law and we can all see to what in-fluxed prices and irregularities exist in our own land of the brave. The idea is that every time you buy a litre of milk, you visit the webpage and upload your details.

The page will continue to operate for the next year to allow us to correlate data on what consumer throughout the country are being charged for this basic necessity.

Remember its easy, "You can report the price of milk online. Simply go to and click on the 'submit a report' button. Alternatively find us on Facebook by searching for Namibia Milk Price Day".

It is important that consumer in Namibia should start demanding their rights. The way it is going at present, we are simply made promises and none of them are being kept.

As an example, three years ago, on 15 March 2010 (World Consumer Day), the then Minister of Trade and Industry, Honourable Hage Geingob, promised in a speech read on his behalf that a Consumer Protection Act will be submitted to Parliament within one year. Since then Dr. Geingob has moved on to become the Right Honourable Prime Minister and is poised to become our next President in 2015. With Consumer Day again being celebrated on 15 March this year, there is however still no sign of the promised Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

We need Consumer Justice Now!

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