Friday, 3 February 2012

I am a socio-political entrepreneur

I often consider myself a socio-political entrepreneur. To me this means that while I chase a business objective, i also need align certain political / legal frameworks to enable me to reach my longer term goals.

Perhaps they just express it a little to harshly for my ego.

Architects of the Future: The Socio-Political Entrepreneurship Style of 5GW

PurpleSlog. "Architects of the Future: The Socio-Political Entrepreneurship Style of 5GW." PurpleSlog. August 27, 2007. (accessed January 14, 2011).
In the second blog post of a series of blog posts exploring potential archetypes, or styles, of 5GW, PurpleSlog suggests a “Socio-Political Entrepreneurship” style of 5GW.

Unlike the first archetype explored in the series (“The Puppet Master”), the Socio-Political Entrepreneurs will operate in the open to effect large-scale changes but their exact motives and ultimate goals will be hidden from view; that is,

The S-P-E 5GWer acts out in the open (not in secret), but their true aims or expected/hoped-for consequences are closely held (secret) and/or at longer timespans than most folks consider or notice (there’s the secrecy), or the effects are so broad/horizontal that the ramifications are overlooked by most.

The Socio-Political Entrepreneur will operate across many domains, with and/or upon a wide variety of other actors, through visible means, but his apparent goals will be seen as the normal goals of entrepreneurship of one sort or another while his real motivations and goals remain hidden. PurpleSlog gives a short list of examples, although these are given as metaphors and not necessarily as examples of real Socio-Political Entrepreneur 5GW effectors:

  • Super-empowered money actors (think Gates, Buffet, Soros)
  • Super-empowered media access actors (think Gore, Michael Moore, Kos)
  • Super-empowered idea/meme generating actors
Furthermore, many apparatuses such as NGOs or even Dan Abbott’s “Military-Industrial-Sysadmin Complex (MISC)” or other force structures or public organizations could conceivably operate as Socio-Political Entrepreneur 5GW organizations.

Architects of the Future: The Socio-Political Entrepreneurship Style of 5GW - 5GW Theory Timeline