Friday, 8 April 2011

Open Letter to Robin Sherbourne / Nedbank Namibia & Old Mutual Namibia - No. 2

This week I sent out an email about an email between myself and Messr. Sherbourne of Nedbank. I though I should just explain why I felt it to be a remark based on racial stereotyping.

This week, once again it has been proved that we need to have a system that forces the white-owned financial institutions to make decisions that are not based on the race or gender of a person.

Mr Robin Sherbourne, Economist of Nedbank, replied to my email:
Please stop sending me emails. The IPPR is still trying to recover money you owe us from 2004. I can’t believe how duplicitous you have been yet you have the nerve to write about ethics and helping SMEs – unbelievable! You give BEE a bad name.

It is true that I have a default judgement against me for a business transaction I was involved in. (more on my blog at

The fact of the matter is that in South Africa I am registered as a white male and do not qualify for black economic empowerment (where BEE is the law).

What could the statement "... you give black economic empowerment a bad name"? Putting that as a statement after referring to my bad debt must mean that my bad credit has something to do with his perception of my race.

This is exactly why I believe we need a credit register in Namibia that does not allow an individual to make credit decisions based on their own assumptions. 

Kind regards

Milton Louw